Make money from your clips

Monetize your following from making edits of our selection of podcasts, speeches, and more


Choose from our library of partner content to create viral videos for your followers.


Edit our clips to your liking. Create content that will reach the maximum number of people.


Get paid when your video gets a significant number of views. The more views your video gets, the more you earn.

What We Do

We serve as a network that works to get you brand offers, which are sourced through our proprietary platform.

Source Content

Our team works with brands to create offers that will be engaging for your audience

Manage Offers

Perspectfluence makes it so that brand offers are completely self serve and can be joined on-demand through our platform

Exclusive Benefits

Perspectfluence serves a group of creators that has struggled in the past with monetization, and offers a fresh solution


How does this work?

We work with podcasts and public speakers that want people to see what they have to say. They pay for the reach we provide through this network.

Is it free to use?

Yep! It is 100% free to use for creators. You get paid from companies purchasing promotions through us.

Do I need a large following?

Nope! We don't limit the service to just accounts with a large following. You get paid based on the number of views you get, so while having a large following will help, it is not required.

How much can I make?

It depends on the video you use and the amount of views that video gets. You get paid when you hit a set number of views, for example 50,000. For each benchmark you hit, you're eligible to receive a reward.

What is the ideal creator for this network?

We're looking for creators that currently edit short-form motivational or speaking content.

Can I sign up today?

We're currently still working on building the prototype. In order to get priority early access to our service, join the waitlist. It takes less than a minute!

Join the Waitlist

Perspectfluence is currently being built, and we're looking for our initial group of creators. Joining the waitlist gives you priority early access as well as regular progress updates.

Thanks for joining!

We're so glad you've joined us. You'll be receiving:
- Priority access to our beta program
- Regular updates on our progress
- Exclusive initial offers
Have questions? Feel free to let us know.